Terms and Conditions to Rental Agreement between Client and SoHo Residences (“SoHo”)

  1. Client and/or Guest (herein referred to as Client) agrees that he/she (and any occupant or invitee) will abide by these Terms and Conditions and all rules and regulations of the Property. SoHo and/or the building management reserve the right to remove any Client due to misconduct or violation of these Terms and Conditions or such rules and regulations.
  2. SoHo reserves the right to inspect, repair, remodel and maintain all apartment units, with advance notice given whenever possible.
  3. Pets are permitted in specific apartments only if SoHo gives Client prior written approval of the specific pet (any additional or different pets will require separate written approval), and Client complies with the following terms: (a) Client must abide by all property restrictions and rules regarding pets at all times; (b) Client must pay to SoHo a non-refundable pet sanitation fee prior to move-in; (c) Client is responsible for any damages to the apartment and common areas of the Property; (d) Client must manage their pets, including immediately cleaning up after them in the apartment and common areas of the Property; (e) Pets are not permitted in the garage or parking area; (f) excessive noise will not be allowed; and (g) Client must confine pets during periods when SoHo employees are scheduled to visit. Client may be asked to remove the pet from the Property if there are any violations of these rules. SoHo may terminate the reservation or contract with respect to any Client that refuses to comply with such a request.
  4. Client will be liable for payment for loss of keys, gate passes, garage door opener (charges incurred for items if not returned within 5 business days after departure date), and for any damages to the apartment and its furnishings or fixtures or the common areas of the Property due to negligence, neglect or abuse of Client, any occupant or invitee (including any extra cleaning or repairs required, at SoHo’s discretion).
  5. The Client agrees that if payment is made in the form of a Wire Transfer, any associated fees will be charged back to the Client.
  6. The Client agrees to take good care of the apartment and not to perform any hazardous, offensive or unlawful activity in the apartment or the common areas of the Property. The Client agrees to obtain and/or maintain its own insurance and/or be responsible for the personal property of Client, any occupant or invites. Client agrees and acknowledges that SoHo will not be responsible for the safe-keeping of equipment, supplies, written material or other valuable items left in apartments or common areas of the Property. Client may not rely on any contrary verbal or written assurances provided by SoHo staff in this respect. State/Provincial laws will govern SoHo’s liability for items stolen from apartments.
  7. Client shall indemnify and hold SoHo harmless from and against all claims, expenses, liabilities, costs, demands (including those made by the owner of the Property) and damages of any nature whatsoever arising from (a) any damages to the apartment and its furnishings or fixtures or the common areas of the Property due to negligence, neglect or abuse of Client or any invitee of it or other occupant, (b) the use of the apartment or the common areas of the Property by the Client or any invitee of it or other occupant, (c) any damages incurred by the Client or any invitee of it or other occupant arising from any negligence in connection with the operation, management, maintenance, repair or replacement of the Property where the owner of the Property is not SoHo or an affiliate of it, or (d) any costs in connection with the Client having to relocate from the Property due to any circumstances whatsoever, including any damage or destruction of the Property or during any period of demolition, repair, restoration or remedying of any condition.
  8. SoHo makes no representations or warranties about the condition of the Property and the Property is provided on an as-is where-is basis.
  9. Internet Service: Unlimited Wi-Fi internet service is available for the Client’s usage.
  10. Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Reservations may be canceled 14 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date at no charge. Reservations canceled less than 14 days to the scheduled arrival date will incur a charge of 14 x daily rate + HST.
  11. The Client shall be financially responsible for the apartment for the duration of the dates identified as the Arrival Date and the Departure Date in this agreement as well as any extensions beyond the original Departure Date. In all circumstances the Client shall provide to SoHo a minimum written notice to vacate of 14 days prior to departure date and will be financially responsible until that time. If the Client fails to give such written notice prior to the departure date the agreement will automatically be terminated and the suite will be returned to our inventory to sell. Rate is subject to review after the initial term.
  12. Any extension of the departure date is subject to availability, current market rents and approval by SoHo. Any UNAUTHORIZED occupancy beyond dates approved by SoHo will be liable for a charge of twice the daily rates then in effect for such holdover period.
  13. Rate charges and applicable taxes are due and payable in advance. A late charge of 2% will automatically be added to all invoices overdue by 30 days or more and on all outstanding balances. The Client agrees to pay SoHo all fees and costs, including reasonable fees by attorneys or collection agencies, incurred in SoHo’s efforts to collect all amounts due.
  14. The Client authorizes SoHo to obtain a credit report from one or more consumer credit reporting agencies. SoHo may request this report at any time and from time to lime during the Client’s stay with SoHo and the reservation may be subject to minimum credit scores. The Client understands that unless minimum credit scores are met the reservation may be cancelled.
  15. The Client may not assign, sublease, transfer the Reservation Confirmation, the apartment or any part thereof or permit the use of the apartment by anyone other than the Client and permitted occupants.
  16. Client represents, warrants and covenants to SoHo that Client’s use and occupancy of the apartment is of a transient nature and the apartment is not intended to be a permanent residence of Client. In no event shall Client’s occupancy and use of the apartment be construed to create any landlord/tenant relationship between SoHo and Client. This Agreement is not a lease and is not intended to convey to Client any real property interest or estate in or to the apartment or any other portion of the Property.
  17. In accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the Client acknowledges that providing personal information to SoHo is considered consent to the collection, use and disclosure for the stated purposes, and may be shared with related SoHo companies and third party providers. If the Client wishes to withdraw consent for one or more purposes, the Client must notify SoHo in writing.
  18. Due to the increased risk of fire, increased maintenance costs and the known health effects of exposure to second-hand smoke,
    1. The Client agrees that the Client, Occupant, Guest or other invitee or visitor of the Client shall not smoke cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, e-cigarettes, or any similar product whose use generates smoke anywhere within the boundaries of the premises or complex. This prohibition shall include private units and private outdoor balconies and patios, enclosed common areas, including the front lobby, hallways, elevators, corridors, stairwells, laundry room, exercise room and exclusive use common areas.
    2. “Smoking” shall include the inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying of any lighted cigarette, cigar, or any similar product whose use generates smoke.
    3. “Invitee” shall include but is not limited to any contractor, agent, household worker, or other person hired by the Client to provide a service or product to the Client or Guest.
  19. Damage deposits are required for all reservations and will be charged on day of arrival. They can be refunded after departure assuming there is no damage to the suite or its contents.
    • Residence Suite Damage Deposit: $500 for stays up to 29 nights. $1,000 for stays of 30 days or more.
    • The SoHo Suite Damage Deposit: $ 1,000 per stay
    • The Penthouse Damage Deposi: $ 4,000 per stay

Reservation is not guaranteed until confirmation number has been communicated to Client.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending correspondence to the specific SoHo Residences property address or by contacting us at the contact information located at https://www.sohoresidences.ca/contact-soho-residences/.