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From the electric streets of Toronto to Canada’s distinguished capital, SoHo Residences offers choice and unique experiences that never compromise on comfort or style. Discover luxury in short and long-term stay like never before.

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SoHo Residences Apartment Hotels at The SoHo Hotel

348 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON
M5V 3X7

General Inquiries and Long-term Stay Bookings

[email protected]

SoHo Residences Apartment Hotels at SoHo Lisgar

300 Lisgar Street
Ottawa, ON
K2P 0E2

General Inquiries

[email protected]

Long-term Stay Bookings/Inquiries

Minh Cao
[email protected]

SoHo Residences Apartment Hotels at SoHo Champagne

111 Champagne Avenue South
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5V3

General inquiries

[email protected]

Long-term Stay Bookings/Inquiries

Harrison Day
[email protected]